What’sdespair ?

Its that feeling that you are good at nothing

It’s that feeling that you haven’t done anything useful with your life

Its that feeling that no matter how hard you try you’d never be good enough

It’s that feeling that when you are needed to deliver that you can’t

Its that feeling that tears you apart when you recall all your missed opportunities

Its that feeling that leaves you locked within you and you see no key no way of unlocking

Its that feeling that things will never work out the way you wish

Now guess what you should do with this feeling?

Shake it off and tuck it under

You feeling like you’re good at nothing? Shake it off and tuck it under

Like you can’t perform when you’re needed? shake it off and tuck it under

Like your life sucks and nothing you planned is…

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Should We Still Be Friends?

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So I have been thinking of this scenario. Allow me to paint this picture in a few words. Perhaps you will see that it is a scenario you have been in, or experienced.

So you have this friend and you have been good friends. Let’s label this friend A. Then your friend has this other friend and they too have been close. Let’s label this friend B. Now ordinarily, your friends friend should be your friend, right? Now, let’s throw in the fact that friend B has done something that hurt you so deeply such that even though you have forgiven him, you still need time to heal. Would you like friend A to continue being friends with B while remaining your friend?

The issue of divided loyalty is as old as man. Adam and Eve were God’s friends until they listened to the devil. It was not possible for…

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What If I Could go back in time

1.If I could go back in time:

The future is what everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes,an hour,whatever he does whomever he is.
   –C.S Lewis

When faced with a decision in life — big or small — we try to make the best choice. But sometimes, despite our good intentions, we
make bad choices.I have made so many wrong decisions in life that If given a second chance,I will gladly go back to right my wrongs.I would go back to my high school days.There are people who I didn’t treat right,people who I looked down on,people who were way out of my league and so I saw them as worthless.I would appreciate them more.In fact,I will obliterate every BAD thing i’ve done in the past from my records.All I need is a clean slate!

But all the same,making mistakes is sometimes for good.Mistakes can help us change deeply embedded norms. Mistakes keep us humble. And that’s important. When we think we’re above making mistakes — or that others are — we stop questioning and challenging. That can lead to
complacency, and really bad decisions. When we make mistakes — and gain insight
from them — we have more empathy for others(just like my case).We learn to bounce back. This upside to mistakes should not be underestimated.Knowing how to fail, err, come back, work
harder, fall down, and get up again is crucial to succeeding — in all areas. It’s called resilience.

We’re all going to make mistakes, it’s just a question of choosing how we approach them.Are we going to finger-point or pretend they didn’t happen? Or are we going to take responsibility, try to learn from them and forgive ourselves and others? We have the choice. The only option we don’t have is perfection.


2013 has been quite an eventful year for me.It began with flooding memories of the loved ones lost in the previous year.I lost 6 relatives (very dear ones).It was as if the pins won’t go away.But gradually 2013 took away even the slightest trace of the scars.I spent the greater portion of the year wallowing in self pity and seeking perfectionism.I lost most of the days,hours,minutes and seconds I could have engaged in doing good stuffs trying to fit into what everyone wants me to be.Should I describe that as being selfless?This year,I faced the greatest challenges and struggles in defining who and what I want to be.This was year I felt the heaviest burden of being a teenager(Is that usually the case when you are 18?).I realized that IDENTITY STRUGGLE could be the biggest problem one could face.Thank God I finally figured out who I am and who I want to be in 2013.And so it was my greatest teacher.

FRIENDS:I made new friends this year.I equally lost some.That is to say that every loss paves way for a new blessings.So I have come to agree with Jennifer Watkins perspective on that.In her book,‘Coming of age’ she said that making and losing friends is all part of growing up.It prepares you for the experiences we will encounter later.I guess I have lost my high school bestfriend,Ogoo.But this time I am the one who let go.It was basically because I entered into the University before her.Before I knew it I started hanging out with a different crowd.It was weird and I couldn’t help it.I just realized now that I never called or texted to wish her a wonderful yuletide(covers face with a hankie).I thought we could be best friends for eternity but alas Darwin’s natural selection has occurred.We are bound to drop some people in the course of our journey to fufill our destiny.

I discovered  some new things in 2013 like being able to write down my thoughts.I discovered blogs that has the power to inspire me.So this is the point I list them and they are:
1.the bespectacled one
2.Ihunda’s musings
3.AdaoraUduchukwu’s blog
4.Kemii’s blog
5.dasweetestgal’s blog
These girls/ladies inspire me.Reading thier blogs makes me wanna go gaga.Keep up with the great works!

I am thankful to  God for the strong health on friends and family.I also thank him for the gift to realize my mistakes.2014 is definitely going to be a more interesting cox I got into medical school.have a blast this year.


BREAKING LIMITS[the status quo]..#TeamRecordBreakers

Abiodun Kazeem Is UNILORIN 1st Class Graduate Ever In Law
Abiodun Kazeem is the first graduate to bag the first class grade in the Faculty of Law, Universityof Ilorin, SUCCESS NWOGU writes

If you call him a jinx breaker, you are not far from the truth. The reason is that many students had tried to graduate from the University of Ilorin with a first class degree in Law for many years, but they failed for one reason or the other. Finally, on Tuesday, however, Abiodun Kazeem achieved the feat, drawing accolades from many people.
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